A transparent working style is the basis for a trustful way of working together and of good cooperation between management, staff council and all our colleagues. We do not only demand transparency such as comparable salary benchmarks from our company, we also urgently want a staff council which works in a transparent and open way. The new staff council as of October should be asking you upfront how our agenda should look like instead of negotiating secretly.


All of us are brain workers, so a modern notebook and a contemporary smartphone is not just a nice-to-have, it is what we need in order to remain creative - it is our most important everyday-tool. We have to live what we sell. Brain workers also need development measures and need to exchange with people outside the company, so training and seminars are essential to keep us motivated, creative and up-to-date.


To be relevant, the staff council has to constantly seek feedback from you. Together with you, we will actively identify and push the relevant topics so that A1 Group and A1 Digital remain to be a great place to work. A transparent working style and an up-to-date environment are the basis for a great staff to produce best results. And this is relevant for you, relevant for the staff council and relevant for the whole company.

Our diverse team comprises colleagues from different areas in A1 Group - each with unique experience, skills and personality.

We encourage you to join our team as supporting member hands on or to give us a like on fb.

If you lend us your vote this time, we will finally have a realistic chance to create an open, transparent and professional staff council!

From now on FRESH


Thomas Aigner

During the last years Thomas has been working as Controller in different positions throughout our company, since five years in A1 Group. It is the first time he runs as candidate for staff council elections and he took this decision with enthusiasm and full conviction. His experience as financial controller is the optimal background to participate in the further development of A1 group and to drive negotiations with our management at eye level for the benefit of all employees.



Reinhard Grell

Reinhard works since 1997 in our company and joined A1 Group right from the beginning. He worked in many international tech projects currently in the TV area. Since 2011 he supports colleagues in the employees´ representation.



Anne-Christine Peherstorfer



Patrick Fröller

Patrick is a telecom veteran who has worked in our industry all his life and therefore knows many international telecom companies from within. He currently heads the International Affairs & Regulation department, so he also understands the views and issues from a leader´s perspective. In his earlier business life, he was an engineer, working on international communication standards and holding various telecom patents. He believes that only satisfied and happy employees can make an outstanding company.


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